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Neptune FS Global Launches Kickstarter Campaign

Neptune FS Global has formally launched its Kickstarter campaign to further fund the Fisk Neptune Processor to manufacturing. The campaign is part of the overall strategy to generate interest, raise funding from traditional sources and get the word out about our technology solution.

Although the funding is important to our on-going business plan, there were several other important benefits of the Kickstarter campaign that are of interest to our business. The benefits include:

  1. a concrete validation by the market of the attractiveness of Neptune's product concept and its prototypes

  2. actual pre-orders for product, making it possible for even the first manufacturing run to be at sufficient scale to hit the business model’s per-unit profit targets

  3. the strong “buzz” generated across news and social media outlets, which helped the company reach new potential investors, as well as providing brand awareness and access to potential customers world-wide

  4. the inherently social nature of the crowdfunding platform, which makes it a conduit for direct feedback from consumers on the product design, features, branding, etc.

We believe that the value of these non-monetary benefits cannot be overstated. For many start-ups, the risk/reward calculus is largely dependent on market acceptance of a new product or service, and a positive campaign can go a long way to legitimize concepts and gain market exposure. And because in the Kickstarter-type project no equity has changed hands, our business can use this validation as a springboard to raise more traditional equity investment from angels, VCs, and corporate strategic partners.

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