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Our Company

Nashville based, Neptune Global - through our technology we provide support to clean water initiatives along with the deployment of that technology to better accommodate these initiatives world wide.  Our goal is to improve water management through technology and safe practices to allow water to be used more than once in oil & gas markets and industrial processes.

Our Story


Who We Are
Our technology has been in development for nearly ten years.  In 2013 we began to develop equipment for the reusing of oil based water for the oil and gas industry. With the changes and the awareness of the need for fresh water and the environmental concerns of deep well injection causing earth quakes, governments have commenced mandating a reduction to the use of fresh water, and the amount of waste water being disposed.  Our technology takes oil based water that was earmarked for disposal and allows for converting the water to renewable fresh water.


The equipment is multi stage remediation where we have zero liquid discharge, capture 100% of the free water available, maximize the amount of oil emulsion and reduce the overall disposal to less than 5% giving us 95% fresh water.  Imagine millions of barrels of water a day being disposed of and now having millions of barrels for our purposes of today.  In the past water has always been considered a non renewable resource, with our technology we are able to recycle the water back to a reusable form.


Our Technology will be launched to the oil and gas sector in 2024 for the remediation of production and flow back water within oil and gas production.  When it comes to Conventional Oil and Gas on average about 7 - 10 barrels or 280 - 400 gallons of water produced for every barrel of crude.  Analyst predict water is becoming a thing of the past and its value is expected to increase well beyond the costs of today and soon to become a trading commodity.  Future plans for our technology will include municipal needs, looking at grey and waste water, and emergency clean ups for disasters of pipeline spills or spills directly into our water systems.

Technology Environmental Game Changer
The Water crisis of the 21st century is upon us and as populations increase, enormous pressure is placed on worldwide watersheds.  Affordable clean water is becoming a pressing technological issue facing the world, and by the year 2015 its estimated 2 out of every 3 people could be living in water stressed regions and with world demand increasing by 140% or 97.5 million cubic meters of water per day.  Affordable water is quickly becoming a thing of the past as its value is expected to increase well beyond the cost we all encounter today.  
Our Equipment
Invented in North America, our patented process is thermally enhanced which is further processed to recover energy and enhance the overall processing.  We are able to treat solid and liquid wastes at the same time.  Our technology converts waste to energy without any chemicals.

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