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About Us


Neptune, through our water remediation technology, is positioned to meet and exceed the EPA requirements for water processing in the oil & gas industries today a costs that are below traditional methods of processing and disposal.

Why Neptune Global?


The demand for clean water will collide with the boom in International and U.S. oil production as the industry increases the use of induced hydraulic fracturing or hydro-fracturing, commonly known as fracking, a technique used to release petroleum, natural gas, (including shale gas, tight gas and coal seam gas) or other substances for the extraction of petroleum from shale rock with the use of water and pressure. The natural gas industry adopted fracking technologies much earlier than the oil industry, resulting in natural gas prices now being at an all-time low. 

The oil industry began adopting these new technologies approximately two years ago and this is expected to result in a boom likely to rival any prior oil booms experienced.  Increased oil production will also further the water burden as demand grows during a time of recurring drought conditions existing around the world. Therefore clean and affordable water is quickly becoming a thing of the past as its value is expected to increase well beyond the cost we all encounter today.

According to FrackTracker and the BLM, there are 1.7 million oil & gas wells in production in the US with a treatment/disposal market exceeding $30B.  The average well uses 5MM gallons of water annually or roughly 119K barrels.  Costs to treat/dispose of this water range from $2.00~$11.75 per barrel.

Neptune has the solution providing reduced operating costs, improved environmental impact and flexible deployment in the field for all of your water processing requirements.

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