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Neptune Processor


The Neptune processor is a platform based modular system. Modules are easily replaced in the field, or a complete unit can be changed in minutes minimizing down time or customer well site problems.

The Neptune Processor is also economical to operate which our Engineering Services  bench system, (used to conduct testing) has shown to be effective on all types of waste water presented.

Finally, the use of filter media is generally unnecessary to meet most standards, but if necessary can be used to polish to meet nearly any criteria.

Unit Design

Minimal on-site operations personnel required.  The unit is low cost to operate with simple maintenance and training.

NP treats solid and liquid wastes simultaneously and is safe and simple, minimizing exposure to hazardous materials.

Makes being green bankable with a rapid return on investment.

We treat contaminants that others can’t and reduce treatment costs with proven, highly efficient thermal transfer methods. 

For our clients, the NP converts waste to energy to revenue while meeting tougher environmental regulations, avoiding  fines.

Oil & Gas Treatment

NP handles waste water including emulsifications, hydrate and/or dehydrate usable gases.

Dehydrate/distill ethylene glycol

Remove heavy metals and other waste by-products resulting from coal/gas/oil production.

Reduce CO2 emissions when used with NP absorption processes or miscible gas injection.

Clean-up holding tanks and ponds

Recover marketable by-products (salts, metals, water) and acts as a concentrator for pipelines and shipping.

Unclog wells with by-product  steam , Nitrogen, CO2 and Distilled Water and process reactive organic and inorganic gases while providing an alternative to disposal wells.

Produced Water

Neptune Processor has been successfully tested for breakdown of oil field produced water which further relates to oily barge ballast water, drill fluids, gas and oil pipeline entrained water and refinery process water.

Treatment of end products are coalesceable and biologically inactive with oils and greases super-coagulated. Waste water is subjected to biological oxidation as required for the conditioning necessary to meet wastewater discharge standards.

Neptune Processor units are designed as portable, container modules with a minimal footprint to ease integration into existing plant layouts and are easily field deployable for batch or flow through site cleanup.

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