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Challenges for the 21st Century


The water crisis of the 21st century is upon us and as populations increase, enormous pressure is placed on worldwide watersheds. Affordable clean water is becoming a pressing technological issue facing the world, and by the year 2025 it's estimated two out of every three people could be living in water-stressed regions while world demand is increasing by 140% or 97.5 million cubic meters of water per day.

According to the World Business Council for Sustainability, water demands for agriculture and industrial processes will continue to increase while under extreme aggravation from worldwide droughts. It is now estimated that industrial demand exceeds human consumption resulting in shortages, tougher continuing Federal regulations and mandates regarding industrially produced water recycling.

Additionally, agricultural requirements are driving regulations and water restrictions. Endangered wildlife is taking precedence over agricultural requirements further stressing the agri-business.  Runoff through irrigation is polluting rivers and bays and impacting the quality of the fisheries.

On a consumer level, fresh potable water is becoming scarce in many areas of the globe.  In developed countries, bottled water in all forms and fashion has created a multi-billion dollar industry with pricing exceeding a gallon of gasoline by as much as four times the national average.

Company Philosphy


At Neptune, our company philosophy is to change the business mindset when it comes to water. Today, we need to think of water as a renewable resource through technology.

Renewable Technology


Our process is thermally enhanced converting waste to energy without any chemicals resulting in Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD).

Changing the World


Fresh water is becoming a scarce resource.  Neptune's technology provides a critical differentiator in cleaning water from industral processes & pollution to enhance world needs for fresh water.

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